BHS Stop Harassing

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This video, made by Brea Kaye, a past member of our steering committee and BHS alumni, explains who we are and what we stand for. It includes information about our definition of sexual harassment, our school district's current policies, and statistics that demonstrate the prevalence of sexual harassment in high schools everywhere. It was filmed at our first teach-in.

Our Mission

We are BHS (Berkeley High School) Stop Harassing. We are Berkeley High students and adult advisors working to change the culture at BHS and beyond around sexual harassment and violence. We want BHS to be a model of a high school where all students feel safe and respected.

Our work is urgent because this is a pressing problem at our school, where support is minimal and there is very limited access to services for victims of harassment; and virtually no training for school staff or students on the issue. We seek to engage school and district administration decision makers to immediately address shortcomings in the school environment that create an unsafe learning environment and impede student success.

Our Leadership Team

Co-Presidents: Abigail Steckel and Emily Levenson

Outreach Coordinators: Ella Miles-Urdan and Justice Paraiso-Caceres

Media Coordinators: Uma Nagarajan-Swenson and Mai Li Spencer

Secretary: Zoe McDonald

Treasurer: Mikhal Tewolde

Researcher: Noah Ball-Burack

Quick Facts

- We were founded in the fall of 2014 in response to a comment during the annual Welcome Assembly that linked girls' inappropriate dress to sexual harassment.
- We are a grassroots organization, not officially affiliated with Berkeley High.
- Our group is comprised of students and two adult advisors.
- We meet every other Friday at lunch in Ms. Anderson's room (C224) and Sundays from 1:30 to 3:30pm at the East Bay Media Center.